Close your eyes and take a stroll through the world of DJ Lignin's “Quick”:



DJ LIGNIN - QUICK (July 20. 2018)



 A city in the far future. Grime covered, bleached plastic over fluorescent lights that shine on cracked chrome. A disembodied voice calls out to you from somewhere - electronic, stuttering and endlessly repeating - the words lost in the clamor of the bustling streets. Slick metal spires, unimaginably high, loom over the glistening, dystopian metropolis and the darkness beneath it – and above it all, the red sky drenched in a neon sunset.

Quick - DJ Lignin

Unlike many artists, who find refuge in the limits of one genre, Holiday Park rest self-assuredly in the multifacetedness of their personal and unique style and leave the confines of any genre behind.






With a versatile ensemble of singers, they take their listeners by the hand and lead them through a panoramic journey of a multitude of musical styles. Gentle pop ballads, thrilling dancehall rhythms, and energetic house and electro beats coalesce with each other to create a surprising blend of music that seems to follow the ups and downs of life itself. The sound of Holiday Park is inspired by the heartbeat of the world.




Walking Side By Side

Bonny And Clyde

Fast World

Look Closer (featuring Mr.Fortune)

Fionas Song

Finde Dich Selbst

Release Your Soul

You Are Bad For Me

Catching Fire

I Came To Meet

Moon Nassiri and Frank Degrees deliver two versions of a great track with their new Bonaventura House Music release “I Belong to You” that will guide you through a perfect day from start to finish.






One track to wake up to at sunrise, the other to lose yourself in at nightfall. The original is a clean composition with an energetic chord progression to immediately draw you in, supported by crisp vocals and dancing, almost cheering, synths. Where the original is lighter and more buoyant, the Nu Wave remix goes down a slightly more raw route, with a heavier, more forceful bassline. Frequent breakdowns and buildups keep tensions high and invite you to listen with bated breath.




I Belong To You (Original Edit) - Moon Nassiri, Frank Degrees feat. Aydenne Simone

I Belong To You (Original Extended) - Moon Nassiri, Frank Degrees feat. Aydenne Simone

I Belong To You (The Nu Wave Edit) - Moon Nassiri, Frank Degrees feat. Aydenne Simone

I Belong To You (The Nu Wave Extended) - Moon Nassiri, Frank Degrees feat. Aydenne Simone


A dark and alluring intensity pervades DJ Lignin's latest creation.






Accompanied by a fuzzy bassline, a clean cadence of chimes establishes a wondrous mood that finally meets a staccato of sampled voices to complete an absorbing tune that takes a firm hold of us. We have always been intrigued by mysteries and this track offers the soundtrack we need as we delve deep to uncover dark secrets.

Hearts Are Broken - DJ Lignin


With “Perpetuum Mobile”, Pasdee offers his musical version of an infinite source of energy.






The composition switches back and forth between atmospheric wistfulness and unbridled euphoria. Nestled in the subtle ambient soundscape lies an understated rhythm track that leads us straight into the epic piano part that shakes things up, only to be trumped by the heavy, leaping bassline. The track is strangely moody for something so danceable. It takes its time to get you there, but it'll get you there for sure. Graceful softness meets lively prickliness.

Perpetuum Mobile - Pasdee


DJ Lignin's Bonaventura City release turns out to be a whimsical jewel.



DJ LIGNIN - DER ELEKTROLURCH (December 15. 2017)



There is a definitive Krautrock vibe with its minimalist approach to composition and its absurdist and humorist attitude of the early seventies counterculture. It almost seems like an ironic take on the mainstream crowd pleaser. DJ Lignin's release is a clever subversion, undermining the principles of mainstream pleasure, only to show us where the joy has always been: In us.





Der Elektrolurch - DJ Lignin

“Snap It” starts of deceptively simple, until we are thrown into the frenzied vision of DJ Lignin as he shares with us a glimpse of the future.



DJ LIGNIN - SNAP IT (November 10. 2017)



It's an offbeat composition, interlaced and complex, full of quirky beats and loops. The vocal samples that are interspersed give the ambitious rhythmical experiment a human touch. It's the sort of song that makes your head spin – but in a good way.



Snap It - DJ Lignin


“Do You Really Love Me” is a boppy, lively tune that exudes glee and a careless attitude, very much in contrast to its more serious lyrics.





It's funky, it's soulful, and rhythmically sophisticated. Reminiscent of a bygone era and brought into the twenty-first century, this track has all the markings of a vocal house evergreen.



Do You Really Love Me - Timothy Sparks, Patricia Edwards


This collaboration of Spectrum and Johann Santcross is a tantalizing techno package, buzzing with eager energy.






It's a restless rush, dark and seductive, pulling you ever deeper into ecstasy. It sends a sizzling intensity through your body, out through your feet, and into the dancefloor. The exhilarating suspense is what drives these two tracks, making them an irresistible rabbit hole to get lost in.




Mental Disorder - Spectrum, Johann Santcross

Menace - Spectrum, Johann Santcross


Bonaventura® City is proud to present its first release from DJ Lignin. Quality Techno made in Germany. Bonaventura® City is a division of Bonaventura® Music Group.



DJ LIGNIN - LET'S PARTY (August 04. 2017)



There is a barely-contained wildness in DJ Lignin's unequivocal composition in „Let's Party“. The staggered robotic voice, the sweeping beat, the dizzying staccato and crackling synth want nothing else but to break free, creating a tension that you can feel throughout the track. It is a high-wire act that makes you feel your heart beat in your chest. All you have to do is give in and let go.




Let's Party - DJ Lignin