Tobias Christian, a DJ from Fürstenfeldbruck (Munich area), who had already been infected with the 'techno virus' in the 90s and since then has worked with turntables, CD players and controllers.

He developed and perfected his large repertoire of various electronic music styles in recent years, through various gigs. His varied sets are characterized by smooth, elegant house music, which encounters driving Tech-House and is replaced by euphoric / punchy Techno.

His motto: Bass is good - more is Bässer!

Fiona taught herself to play the guitar at the age of 13 and it was not long before she started to sing. Her friends and family paraised her extraordinary voice, and over the years that followed, she engaged more and more into singing. As a member of the school band she was able to prove her voice during performances, together with ukulele or guitar. Little by little singing became an important part of her life.

In 2017, she started listening to electronic music and met Michele in a club. Fiona promptly convinced him of her voice.

Already at the first meeting, they produced the song "Walking Side By Side" and Fiona became part of Holiday Park.

It took about a year before he was really good. „Are you insane?“, he would ask himself, more than he would have like to, but this phrase helped him more than anything to keep pushing himself, which was all he needed to learn beatboxing

He called himself a typical shower singer, not least because the acoustics in the bathroom were so good. For a long time it was also necessary that no one really listened to him, but somehow his first performance was at a school concert in front of 150 people. It was incredibly exciting. But despite the huge stage fright, he continued and managed it. At a Newcomer Festival in Bremen, he was able to excite up to 600 people in the tent, as a beatboxer and as a presenter.

Even though his father brought him tapes from all over the world, he would never have thought that music would become his passion. At eight, he was fascinated by the saxophone, but somehow it was never the right instrument for him and practicing was more of a torture for him - and others. But at 13 came the defining experience, randomly watching a beatbox video. Shortly thereafter, he started a small band with friends and covered a lot of songs for fun. He discovered his vocal and improvisational talents. Especially "Reggae" and "Rhythm and Blues" fascinate him.

He had his most beautiful composing experience in the dunes of Amrum, where his friends and him were composing a sleeping song for children on the beach. Much to the delight of their parents, they actually fell asleep.

Even before he graduated, he realized he wanted to do something with music. His heart really belongs to his home town of Bremen, but through an internship it took him to the south-west of Germany, where he met Michele.

"Killing Me Softly" is the first song Francesca had ever sung to a proper audience. Actually quite appropriate, this song title: She almost died of nervousness.

She was with friends at a bar at which, seemingly coincidentally, a karaoke contest was taking place. Her cousin had secretly signed her up. Although, back then, she had wished the ground would open up and swallow her, she is still grateful to her. She was trembling, but kept going. The reaction of the audience: enthusiastic applause. She could hardly believe it.

She wanted to become a singer since she was eleven years old, when she had sung "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion to her family. Everyone always talked about the goosebumps factor of her voice, which was the greatest motivation for her.

Now all her friends knew that she could sing and loved it. They encouraged her to participate in casting shows, unfortunately without any real success. In 2014, when she had learned to believe in herself and her voice, she met Michele through a friend of her sister.

At the age of 13, Michele had the first opportunity at a Christmas concert to play a piece composed by himself in front of an audience. He'd already had a keyboard for some years before that and in his memory it feels like he's always been making music. Over the years he has played many different musical genres and instruments: from DJ in the Goa and Psytrance scene to composer of film music.

Music has always accompanied him, whether as a backpacker in Australia, as a soldier in Afghanistan, when rebuilding an old cinema in the Westjordanland or working on board a cruise ship, somewhere there was always a piano and his melodies found their way to the keys. But he always wanted to start a band and was always looking for the right singers for his music.

What comes first, whether the text or the music, he can not say. One leads to the other. He always feels that they belong together and both are mutually mirrored. When he is driven out of bed at four o'clock at night by a melody, and sits down at the piano, it is great to know that the next day he only has to grab the cell phone to drum them all up and get started. For now there are Alona, France, Hannes and Kiko, there is "Holiday Park".

Timothy Sparks found his musical awakening in the choir, helping him find his passion. After playing around with a variety of DAW programs, his desire to produce music was growing. After gaining some experience doing internet radio, he finally returned to producing.

His first successes were made under the alias „DJ Double T“, mainly in trance and hard trance. As „TTrax“ he worked on several productions in the hand's up genre. Finally, he made the shift to house and pop and has remained loyal to these genres for the last ten years.

As Timothy Sparks, he now also releases Funk House and House tracks.

At only twenty, Christopher Gose aka DJ Lignin is already looking back on an impressive career with gigs all over Germany. This success is no accident.

Driven by his dream and his passion, he acquired his skills in Mixdown and Mastering at the Electronic Musicschool in Cologne and through a variety of correspondence courses. Soon he collaborated on various productions with many different partners and gained his first valuable experiences. In 2013, he started his own studio and began work on his own releases.

It didn't take long before he made a name for himself in the house scene in Nordrhein-Westfalen and established himself as a promising newcomer. Together with the renowned tour-percussionist Michael “Speedfingers” Meier and a number of other artists, collectively known as the Houseband, DJ Lignin offers a thrilling live experience.

He releases on Bonaventura® City and Planet Trax since 2017 and, as far as his success is concerned, the sky is the limit.

Akanyi was born in Kinshasais in the region of Kasai Oriental. Akanyi, “the thought” in the language of Tetela, spent her early childhood in Kelemanda, a village in the Kasai region, a natural and captivating paradise, where traditional rhythms and songs are ubiquitous.

In 1991, after a furtive passage from Kinshasa, her mother decided to leave the Congo for Belgium. In 1992, Akanyi left Belgium for Germany where she began to explore other musical genres such as reggae, ragga, dance hall, soul, new soul, R&B and house. The history of her ancestors and the songs that cradled her in her childhood inspired her to acquire an authentic and inimitable style.

Always in search of inspiration and new sounds, she participated in jam sessions in 2000 at “Stadtgarten” and Conway's Club in Cologne as well as at the Paladium and the “Alte Wartesaal”. Finally, she decided to live in Belgium. Her return to Brussels allowed her to participate in the “Trunk and Co.” contest and finish as a finalist.

She recorded her first song “When I was” feat. Dynamic in the studio “Factory” contest in partnership with Trunk and Co. and Dexia. She continues to perform in venues such as The Botany, MCM Café (Paris), the Ice Club, the Black and White (Kinshasa), the Athina Club House (Kampala, Uganda), at the Music Store, the Unity festival and the Mondial (Holland).

Akanyi had the opportunity to work with many different producers over the years. She is now working on her first album, blending different styles ranging from african soul and reggae to house, R&B and world music.

Like with many artists, you can find the beginning of Matthias Bruns' passion for music in his early childhood. However, unlike many of his fellow musicians in his genre, he didn't start out by learning an instrument. Instead he dove straight into creating electronic music, first on simple programmes like Techno Ejay, then on more advanced software like Fruity Loops where he was able to create his own samples and synths. Starting with genres like hardcore and hardstyle, he was quickly drawn to progressive house music by his fascination with the more melodic side of electronic music.

He counts Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5, as his biggest influence and considers him his idol. In addition, he draws inspiration from film music and pianists like Hans Zimmer and Keith Kenniff also known as Goldmund

Bavarian Elias Prade started to take piano lessons when he was 12, as do many children at that age. It didn't take long for him to realize that he found no pleasure in playing by notes and that he felt the strong urge to write his own music. Soon, his own compositions, first on piano, guitar, and even the jembe, began to see the light of day.

When he finally discovered electronic music, he saw a field with practically endless possibilites. Quickly he gained his first live experiences as a DJ on monthly party projects and private events where he often played his own music to feel that first sense of achievement.

Today, Waikamind produces “fairy tale techno” and instills emotion and levity in the hearts of his listeners.