Bonaventura® is a registered trademark established by founder and CEO Tibor-Endre Bordas. The roots of Bonaventura® Music Group lie in electronic music with Bonaventura® House Music as its first label which, together with its own publishing department, quickly paved the way to success. Spurred by the wish to explore new avenues and work with artists from diverse genres, Bonaventura® City and Bonaventura® Records emerged as the newest and logical addition to the Bonaventura® Music Group.

The close collaboration with our affiliates comes first at Bonaventura®.

We take care of online marketing concepts, product management and production processing, license trading, manufacturing of CDs, professional mastering, high-quality cover design as well as worldwide music distribution.

Our own publishing department BVIM-Bonaventura® International Music deals with copyright laws along with the protection, the placement and the distribution of the works and handles their promotion and synchronization in films and commercials.

Also part of the Bonaventura Crew:

Michael Aßmann, Art Director.
Simon Holzmann, PR Manager.
Catherina Hofmann, Marketing Manager.
Ildikó Bordas, Accounting Manager.