Bonaventura House Music proudly presents the next release by Pushee. On his newest EP "Up To The Stars", the Dublin-based DJ takes his listeners one more time on a journey through his very own 'underground groove universe'.



Bonaventura House Music present "Different Dreams", the first EP by newcomer Nick Nyrow. This young talent’s fantastic sound finds its way straight to the ears and the heart of genuine Electro lovers.



Nick Nyrow is yet another exceptional artist starting his promising career as an Electronic Music producer with Bonaventura House Music. The young newcomer uses his passion for music to express what inspires him and reveals the quality and particular character of Electro-House.



Bonaventura House Music presents its first album on CD: "Papaya Landscape" by Claus Neuefeind. 9 harmonic Deep House tracks – pure, dynamic, cheerful. Available on Amazon on Nov. 21st, 2014.



Bonaventura House Music presents Tech House at its finest: The EP "Space Drums" by Peter Puskas aka Pushee is bursting with powerful beats, danceable rhythms and ingenious accents. His digital release is a must hear for everyone who wants to get a glimpse of the future in House Music.



Pushing the limits – that's DJ Pushee's mantra as he repeatedly tests the boundaries of Underground and Tech House. Born in Hungary, Peter Puskas aka Pushee moved to Dublin, Ireland, nine years ago and soon started to make a name for himself on the local club scene. His unique mixing style created a sound that's not only delighting the masses on Dublin's dancefloors but also made us of Bonaventura prick up our ears.

So, without further ado, we signed Pushee – and we are already looking forward to pushing the envelope with him!



Packed with delicious, melodic Deep House Beats out of Dennis Kamp creative cranium, is the "Ventura" EP the first digital release of our Newcomer from Munich. Polished and refined in the Bonaventura House Music Studio, will this fantastical sound soon shaking the dancefloors!



Bonventura House Music recently signed another talented artist, Dennis Kamp. Currently residing in Munich, Dennis got his fiery temperament from his youth in Spain and already gets the dancefloors all over Germany burning with the passionate, energetic beats he spins on the decks.

This energy is just what we at Bonaventura are looking for, so we decided to release his first Deep House-EP „Ventura“ soon.

Stay tuned!



Nothing is as exciting as getting something started! We are very proud to announce that we have signed our first artist. Claus Neuefeind from Aachen convinced us with solid skills and a huge dash of passion to release his very first EP – we can hardly wait!

Claus Neuefeind has been writing his own songs since 2002, his Tech House track „Something Catches You“ scored on rank 15 out of 800 at the DJ Your Life-Contest. His first album at Bonaventura House Music will be influenced by the Deep House subgenre.





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