Breathe in the morning air. Claus Neuefeind's track “Somnambulism” will be included in the compilation “When The Sun Goes Up Vol. 1” on July 27.

Come down to Turks Head in Dublin tonight and party with Pushee! This will be a night far from ordinary.

Claus Neuefeind's track “Save the Planet” will be on the upcoming compilation “Mixes & Tapes Vol. 1”. Get it on July 19 and listen to the classics of tomorrow.


Basspirin makes it into round three and DJ Pasdee provides crystal clear sounds. Be there on July 9 at 9 PM at the Stilvoll Club in Neuss.

Maybe it's finally time for that trip to Finland. Pushee will be performing at the Keidas Open Air in Helsinki on July 9.

This is your chance to see Pushee in action. He will be at Turks Head in Dublin on June 11 to give you a taste of the Cream of the Underground.

It's a perfect match. Pushee's track “Pineapple” will be part of the compilation “European Club Vibes Vol. 1”. Available on June 10.

This is madness! DJ Pasdee will be at the Generation Madness EDM Party in Neuss on June 5. You can check him out on the Deep/House&Charts Floor, starting at 9:30 PM.

RiV presents: SOUND OF MY CLUB in the Stilvoll Club on June 3. Featuring DJ Pasdee.

Pushee and Claus Neuefeind join forces to further explore Pushee's track “Pineapple”. Together, they made two remixes that put a new spin on the great song.