We're excited to announce Catherina Hofmann as our new marketing manager, and are eager to shape the future of Bonaventura Music Group together! Welcome aboard!

Bonaventura Music Group CEO Tibor-Endre Bordas visited this year's DJ and Producer Convention Mixcon in Munich at the Lovelace Hotel to mingle with peers and artists like DJ Olde and many others to forge connections and talk about the business.

Pasdee's latest opus “Perpetuum Mobile” is now available on all streaming portals and download shops. Get it now!

Pushee will be keeping Dublin awake this Friday night. Come and see him perform live at District 8. Doors open 11 PM.

Make sure to pay Krefeld a visit this Friday to see Johann Santcross live at the Mikroport Club at the Techno District event, starting at 11 pm.

Vocal Chill House never sounded so fine. Di Salva & Frank Degrees feat. Akanyi with their track “Let's Dance It's OK (Frank Degrees Remix)” appear on “Generations – Vocal Chill House Edition 8”. Out now!

Bonaventura Music Group CEO Tibor-Endre Bordas had the chance to meet and talk to Nina Condron, director of Horus Music, at the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Deep House Fundamental Vol. 3 is here! Check out Pushee's “Last Forever” and many more great deep house tracks. Out now!

Let's end the weekend with a bang. Come see Pushee live this Sunday at the Globe Bar (11 South Great Georges Street, Dublin Dublin 2) at the Eclectrika Goes Sunday event, starting at 9 pm UTC.

The 13. VUT-South music industry meet-up at “Kater Mikesch” offered, once again, plenty of opportunities for interesting talks with colleagues, the exchange of news, and to cultivate contacts.

In the familiar relaxed atmosphere, Bonaventura Music Group CEO Tibor-Endre Bordas met up with Oliver Schiller-Sittl (A&R, regional manager sales GSA at Believe Distribution Services), Steffen Harning (founder of Milk & Sugar and MCP Consulting & Production), Wolf-D. Schoepe (copyright and media law), and Yvonne Franken from VUT central in Berlin, among others.